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Online Neurological Vision Loss Test
Online Neurological Vision Loss Test

How do I get the vision therapy VRT? (PDF)
How do I get the vision therapy VRT? (PDF)


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Neuroplasticity and Vision Restoration
Neuroplasticity is referred to as the ability of the brain neurons to compensate for sustained injuries thereby adjusting their activity according to stimulation from the environment. This proven ability of the brain to regenerate itself is the basis for NovaVision VRT.
Neuronal Plasticity on a cellular level
Plasticity of the Visual System
As early as the 1970s neurological and neuropsychological research of the visual system brought forth evidence that the brain can reorganise itself and so improve visual function.

These recovery and reorganisation processes on a cellular level are generally referred to as "plasticity". It is the basis for the efficacy of our therapy:

Using the Vision Restoration Therapy specific zones that contain partially damaged nerve cells are stimulated, thereby making visual information easier to process. The existing residual vision functions can be strengthened and trained in this way to revert to increased ability.
Neuroplasticity and Field of Vision Loss
Article by Prof. Dr. med. H. Mast, Director of the Neurology Clinic - (Bergmannstrost, Germany)

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Vision Restoration seen from an ophthalmological point of view
A report about the use of Visual Restoration Therapy in the routine of an ophthalmological practice.

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